Napoleon is one of the most recognizable names in the industry, and they’ve capitalized on that reputation with a fantastic line of grills, fire pits, and indoor heating products. Affordable quality is the root of this sterling reputation and you’ll find that in every product they create. With affordability in mind, you can’t go wrong with a Napoleon! Napoleon grills are known at a glance – the shining stainless steel construction is the company’s iconic statement for quality craftsmanship.

Since the 1970s, Napoleon has been working with fire and building upon their reputation for fine grills. No setting is too challenging, as their line up includes charcoal, gas and electric grills as portable, free-standing, and built-in outdoor kitchen units. The grills are ahead of the versatility curve with infrared rear burners, rotisserie kits and side burners. With a highly respected brand equipped with warranties that outlast the rest, you will enjoy the noticeable quality of Napoleon for time to come.