A Cold Weather Grilling Are Hilarious

Common Sense Tips For Cold Weather GrillingCold weather grilling is also a great way to celebrate the holidays. Cold weather grilling is not much different than summer grilling because their climate is conducive all year. A cold weather grilling is not as simple as just throwing a few burgers on the grill and braving the elements.

Cold weather grilling is becoming increasingly popular, especially during the holidays. Cold weather grilling is all about keeping the chill at bay, so choose recipes that are warm and comforting. A common strategy for cold weather grilling is to work with cuts of meat that cook hot and fast like burgers or thinner steaksCold weather grilling can be finicky and the last thing you want to do is serve undone chicken or pork to your guests.

Embrace the Cold-Weather Griller in You

Believe it or not, when I was growing up, people routinely retired their grills after Labor Day. Times have changed. Whether it’s due to a protracted appetite for the smoky flavors of summer or the continued need for barbecue bragging rights all year long, live-fire cooking outdoors has become a four-season obsession.

You might wonder why you’d take winter grilling advice from a guy who lives in Miami. Well, prior to moving to Florida, I lived in Boston for 20 years, and I’ve grilled in snowstorms in Montreal and Calgary. (Never mind that it was May in Montreal and October in Calgary.) I’ve chipped the ice off my kettle grilland swaddled my smoker with a blanket to hold in the heat.

According to a Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association survey, 56 percent of the respondents claim to grill during the winter months. If you’re one of them, you probably know some of the following advice already. If not, listen up—these tips will improve your chances for success no matter how low the temperature plummets. See more here.

So many people pack their grills in for the winter, and yet, cold weather grilling can be extremely satisfying.

Cold Weather Grilling & Smoking

When the exterior of your grill or smoker is cold the interior is not happy. The cold metal absorbs heat from the warm air inside lowering the cooking temp. Whether you are using gas, charcoal, or pellets, in inclement weather you need more fuel to heat the air and the walls of the cooking chamber both initially and throughout the whole cook.

Also, because the combustion process needs oxygen, it sucks in cold air and that can further reduce the oven temp. Meanwhile, moisture from the meat and water pans condenses on the interior like fog on the bathroom mirror further cooling the metal.

Gas cookers

Many people erroneously believe that gas will not flow at low temperatures. Not true. Propane is in liquid form in the tank, and it must boil to become a gas. The boiling point of propane is -44°F so you should have no problem getting gas to flow unless you live in Siberia. The pressure will drop as the air temp drops, and as the level of fuel drops, but that’s why gas grills and smokers have a regulator, that disk-shaped device between the tank and the cooker. Check more here.

One other way to ensure that your cold weather grilling is as excellent as it is during the summer is to find a reliable outdoor cooking thermometer.

Ten Tips for Cold Weather Grilling

You know how great that chicken, steak or burger tastes in the summer when it’s warm, right? So don’t settle when it is cold out! I want to pass along some tips for grilling when cold weather abounds.

Here are my ten tips for grilling in cold weather –

  1. Plan on dishes with shorter cooking times . Lean meats and thinner or smaller cuts cook quickly over high heat. Chicken breast, pork loin, and steak cook fast.
  2. Preheat your grill longer. Preheating takes longer in the winter. Your grill grate that contacts with the surface of the meat is much colder to start with. Let your grill grates heat at least 30 minutes. This will help with sear marks and reduce sticking.
  3. Use the cold to your advantage. Stick your beverages in the snow. If you have to marinate under refrigeration and it’s 30f out, don’t take up space in your ‘fridge.
  4. Use quality charcoal that is warm and dry. Cold and wet charcoal will take forever to light and come to temp. Use lump charcoal, it burns hotter and faster.
  5. Wear shoes that you can slip on and off. You don’t want to keep tracking in snow, mud and ice into the house. Read full article here.

Cold Weather Grilling Is The Best!

The most obvious issue with cold weather grilling is the colder temperatures. Perhaps the best part of Cold weather grilling is the immediate respect it garners from your neighbors. Cold weather grilling is a savory way to stay warm this winter Fall and winter grilling are positively correlated with the weather.

If you brave the elements, cold weather grilling is now one of the hottest trends. Another good candidate for cold weather grilling are items suited to the rotisserie. Cold weather grilling can be just as fun and delicious as it is in the summertime, as long as you prepare well and follow some helpful guidelines, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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