Have a Design Idea of Your Own?
We’ve Provided 2 Options to Submit Your Design Idea

  1. Fax your design to 1 (951) 244-3035 with a cover letter containing your First and Last Name, Day Contact Phone Number, Type of Design (BBQ Island, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Fireplace etc.) and any additional information you want to add. If you Fax Your Design Idea: Please include a cover page containing your name, contact phone number, email address, street address and zip code.
  2. Complete and Submit the form below with a scanned image of your Design Idea attached.

“Yeah but I just sketched it out on a napkin at lunch”. NO PROBLEM! If you can scan it, you can submit it as a .jpg image using this form. However you may not want to fax a napkin 😉

We may be able to call you with a price proposal within 24 hours.  It depends on the complexity or simplicity your design plan or sketch. In many cases,  to best understand how we can help you with improving your outdoor living space may be best served by taking advantage of our In-Home Consultation.

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BBQ Island Design San Diego Submission Form
Instructions to Send as an Image Attachment:

Parenth-2-w300“This is just and inquiry. Why do you need my first and last name?” When we call with a proposal or to schedule a In-Home Consultation, we want to know we are talking to the right person. We also don’t want to give away any surprises to the wrong party. We would hate to let a spouse know you were looking into something you meant to be a surprise 😕

“Why do I have to enter my email address 2 times?” It’s common practice in online forms to ask for a senders email address be entered twice because it makes us check the first entry for accuracy. Have you ever made a typo 🙂

“Why do you need my street address and zip code?” With that information we can use Google Earth to get a better idea of your backyard and patio lay out. If you haven’t tried Google Earth, you might check it out; It’s pretty amazing.

“And My Phone Number?” Emails can be opened by anyone with access. Again we don’t want to give away a surprise.

Parenth-2-h500Attaching Your Design Image: Once your sketch is scanned, save the image in a .jpg file format to a location on your computer where you can find it.  Click the “Choose File” button to the left, locate the image file and click the Open button to attach the file to your form submission.

“What if I have a picture instead of a drawing or sketch?” Just attach the image the same way you would attach a scanned sketch or drawing. If it is a digitdal picture from your camera, remember there is a 1 MegaByte limit to the file size. (You may have to down/re-size the digital picture. 640px X 480px will usually be less than 1 MegaByte.)

“What if I found a BBQ Island, Outdoor Kitchen etc. online I like?” Just copy and paste the Web Address (URL) into the “Additional Information Regarding Your Design” text area to the left.

Please do Include Additional Information: Please explain what your sketch or design  is, i.e. BBQ Island, Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit Table etc. If you attached or linked to a picture of a unit you like but would change to fit your needs, please explain the changes.

The Anti-Spam Security Code is Required and commonly used on most online forms: Using this type of code (Called a Captcha Code), to keep Span Bots (Nefarious Internet Hacker Software) from auto submitting links to a webpage containing mal-ware.  You only need to enter the 4 to 6 obvious letters and/or numbers. If you can’t make out what the letters and numbers are click the refresh button Captcha-Refresh

Your Information is Safe With Us: If you have any questions about us keeping the information you submit private, please refer to our Privacy Policy.