The Fire Glass San Diego’s Chosen

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So Many Choices! How Do I Choose?

The choice(s) made as to the Fire Glass San Diego’s homeowners use in their fire feature are of course based on personal preference. There are a few things they may want to consider when deciding on their preference for the type, size, color and shape of Fire Glass or Fire Beads.

Is Fire Glass from Islands in the Sun Safe?

Fire Glass San Diego Homeowners Choose Safe Fire Glass from Islands in the Sun.  The Fire Glass we provide is tempered glass and can be used in fireplaces and fire pits to increase vibrancy, reflection and color. Tempered glass is tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges and injury. The glass is designed for gas fire pits and gas fireplaces to withstand high temperatures without melting, burning or discoloring when used as recommended. Our fire glass does NOT create toxic fumes, smoke, ash, or soot.

We also Offer ECO Glass Fire Glass Beads – Go Green

ECO GLASS is made up of post industrial glass that has been melted downEco Glass Fire Beads San Diego and has a dye added to it in order to achieve its brilliant colors. It is made up of the same ingredients as our tempered glass so it can withstand temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees. This will allow you to “GO GREEN” in 12 different colors, while enjoying an ECO friendly product without the worry of melting or soot like other recycled products can. Eco Glass is ONLY available in 10 pound units. All of our Eco Glass is quality inspected by highly trained professionals to ensure impeccable performance, elegant appearance and 100% customer satisfaction.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Fire Glass Color

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the color of your Fire Glass is that some colors change under flame. Fire Glass San Diego Color under FlameSo when your Fire Pit Table is not burning the color will be consistent. However if your Fire Pit Table is lit, the colors may appear different the closer they are to the flames.

So if you want your Fire Glass to match the primary color of your decor during the day, when fire features are not normally burning, you only need to consider the color as it will look without flame in daylight.

If you are more concerned with color at night under flame, it might help to compare Fire Glass images without flames and the same color Fire Glass images under flames. Almost all of the Fire Glass and Fire Beads we have available in our Shopping Cart have images with and without flame. (Click on the thumbnail example images HERE.) We have 5 pages of different types, sizes, colors and shapes available to view and purchase online.

Combining Fire Glass Colors

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Some of our San Diego customers choose to combine Fire Glass colors to compliment tiles on the table top of their Fire Pit Table – i.e. >>

Fire Glass San Diego – Combining Shapes, Sizes and Colors

You may want to combine Shapes, Sizes and Colors of Fire Glass and Fire Beads to accent certain combinations of colors in your decor. You can also combine shapes, sizes and colors for effect.

For Example: If you have a 24″ circular fire pit table bowl, you might put an inner layer, (Starting from the center),  combining “Sangria Luster Firebeads” and “Copper Reflective Fire Glass“about 12 inches in diameter. Then a surrounding layer out to the edge of “Black Reflective Fire Glass“. Under flame the result looks very much like the hot coals and burning embers of an actual wood fire. Of course the actual colors you use depend on your own personal perspective.

How Much Fire Glass Will You Need?

Use our Fire Glass San Diego Fire Glass Calculator to help you determine how much you need of just one color or input different dimensions for different types and colors you may be combining. Our Fire Glass San Diego Fire Glass and Fire Bead Calculator is very simple to use. But remember, it is always wiser to get a little more than you may think you need than to be exact and end up with not enough.

The ideas discussed above are but a few of the the ideas you may come up with on your own. Whether you stay conservative and stick with one color or let your imagination run wild with combinations of colors or laying your your Fire Glass out in your own unique design, with the Fire Glass San Diego choices from Islands in the Sun, the end result is bound to be  beautiful.

We also custom build an Outdoor Fireplace San Diego homeowners use Fire Glass in instead of burning wood.