Rib-eye Roast Will Melt In Your Mouth In San Diego!

Helpful Tips For Cooking Rib-eye Roast On The Grill1A rib-eye roast is always a great meal idea. Put simply, the boneless rib-eye roast is just your traditional rib roast with the bones removed. Another wonderful thing about cooking a rib eye roast is the ribs!

A rib eye roast is boneless and should be roasted in an oven for optimum texture and flavor. Rib roast and rib-eye roast are an easy meal roasted in the oven, making for a tender, flavorful entree. A rib-eye roast is an easy roast to prepare.Many people think of rib-eye only in the steak form, but preparing a whole rib-eye roast is a great option for serving a large group.

How To Grill a Gigantic Rib-Eye Steak

Grilled steaks and pan-seared steaks are really two completely different beasts flavorwise, but as far as cooking technique goes, there are only a few minor distinctions.

For one thing, the heat you can get out of charcoal briquettes (or better yet for searing—real hardwood coals) is far greater than what you can get out of a home stovetop range or broiler, leading to superior charring, as well as the singing of dripping beef fat which gives grilled beef its characteristic smoky, ever-so-slightly acrid (in a good way) flavor. It’s a flavor you simply can’t get from a stovetop or even a gas grill, both of which burn significantly cooler than coal.

Going thick is always a good idea on the gril—you want steaks at least an inch thick or sol—it’s the best way to guarantee that you get plenty of good crust development while still being able to maintain a nice, expansive medium-rare center. But ultra-thick, Flintstone-sized double-cut bone-in big-enough-to-serve-two-fully-grown-Thundercats ribeye steaks (commonly referred to as “Cowboy Chops”) require a bit of extra care when cooking. Their thick size makes them all too easy to end up with a burnt exterior and cold, raw middle. Read more here.

With more fat than a tenderloin roast and less fat than a prime rib roast, the boneless rib eye roast can be transformed into a succulent, flavorful piece of meat with the right preparation and smoking techniques.


The holidays call for something extra special so I like to serve a bone-in prime rib to my family and friends. Don’t be intimidated by this cut of meat. It’s so easy and delicious – all it needs is a little salt and pepper, some fresh herbs, indirect heat and love.

Herbed Prime Rib
by Jennie Lussow

Special equipment:
2 handfuls apple wood chips

3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves
3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh thyme leaves
6 medium garlic cloves, crushed
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 5-lb bone-in rib roast, trimmed of excess fat (figure 6-8oz of meat per person). See more here.

Tender, succulent and flavorful, rib eye roast is very easy to make – simply rub with olive oil and seasonings, then roast in the oven until done.

tips for cooking ribeye roast on the grill

I have some friends who get frustrated whenever they cook ribeye meat on the grill. What do they complain about? Well, they say that their dishes don’t taste or look like the ones served in restaurants. And I tell that’s not a problem at all. Chefs have exhausted a lot of years just to learn and perfect the art of cooking ribeye steak (among many other dishes) on the grill and there’s no reason to compare. Now I’m not saying that we have to enroll in a culinary school just to be able to serve home-cooked goodness such as theirs. There are definitely ways on how we can better our cooking. For starters, check out these simple tips!

1. Buy steaks that are about 1.5 to 2 inches thick. I know this is not readily available in groceries because the ones being sold are either too thin or too thick. Don’t worry though because you may actually ask the butcher to have yours customized.

2. There are a lot of things that some of us apply on our steak. I suggest just going with the good old salt and pepper. You can always brush your steak with sauce a minute before it’s cooked. Just remember to apply your salt and pepper generously at least 40 minutes prior to cooking it on the grill. Check full article here.

Cooking Rib-Eye Roast

You can’t beat the flavor of a rib eye. If you’re not familiar with how to cook this cut of beef, it’s simple on a Grill.Taking the time to smoke a whole boneless rib eye roast will provide a meaty foundation for a memorable meal. Many people prefer a roast with the ribs attached because gnawing on ribs is fun.

Rib-eye Roast is one of the most flavorful cuts of meat because of their marbling. Rib-eye Roast is an impressive cut of meat to serve to your family and friends, but impressive doesn’t have to mean complicated or difficult.Well, it’s easy to make outdoors and it definitely tastes better, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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