Winter Grilling Is Great In San Diego!

Hot Tips for Winter GrillingWinter grilling is a challenge, but it should be a fun challenge. If you brave the elements, winter grilling is now one of the hottest trends. Perhaps the best part of winter grilling is the immediate respect it garners from your neighbors.

Winter grilling is not as simple as just throwing a few burgers on the grill and braving the elements. Winter grilling is not much different than summer grilling because their climate is conducive all year. The most obvious issue with winter grilling is the colder temperatures.Winter grilling is becoming more and more popular, and mild winter temperatures such as those found in California provide the perfect opportunity to make use of your outdoor kitchen island or outdoor BBQ island in winter.


First, here are 3 tips to follow regardless of your emergency.

1. Check the temperature of the food halfway through grilling, three quarters of the way and then when you think it is done to make sure that you are on the right track. This will help you monitor and make sure it is not over cooked!

2. Make sure that the meat is fully cooked to your desired temperature before removing it.

3. Let it rest for 20-30% of the total grilling time before cutting into it.

Know the weather forecast
During the harsh winters in Chicago, I am constantly checking temperatures and forecasts because when I am grilling I have to be ready for anything. Mapping out your grilling schedule can help make sure you will be able to grill no matter what the conditions and also be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you! Check more here.

Winter grilling is definitely a possibility, especially for those of who are living to endure traitorous and extremely cold winters.

Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Grilling

It’s time to make final plans for your Super Bowl party, especially if you’re grilling like so many people do on game day. Super Bowl Sunday is the most popular grilling day of the winter with two-thirds of grill owners firing up theirs for the festivities. Grilling in cold weather takes longer than when it’s warm so check now to see if you have enough fuel on hand. Here are some other tips for cold-weather grilling from year-round grilling pros.

Perform a grill check. In addition to a fuel check, make sure your grill is shoveled out and that the lid and knobs aren’t frozen shut. If they are, move the grill into the garage or a warmer spot to let it defrost—or use a hair dryer. Don’t force open a frozen knob or lid, which can damage the grill.

Put the grill in a safe place. While you want easy access to your grill, don’t place it too close to the house—10 feet away is recommended. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, never grill in an enclosed space like a patio, garage, or under an awning. Inspect the burners, jets, and gas lines for blockages that restrict the gas flow. The flame should burn blue not yellow, which indicates clogged air inlets or burners that need adjusting. See more here.

There are plenty of reasons why winter grilling is great, and once you enjoy your first hot rack of ribs on a cold winters eve you’ll only be wondering why you never started sooner!

5 Health Benefits of Grilling

Grill, grill, grill! We can all agree, no matter how hot or cold it might be, it is always great grilling weather. From brats to burgers, there are always plenty of great options for savouring and searing. The best part of all is, it isn’t just fun to grill, it can actually be healthy for you as well. There are some important health benefits to grilling your food versus cooking it in the oven or on top of the stove. We will be covering some of these health benefits and provide you with some tips on how to serve some healthy and delicious meals. Let’s begin with five major health benefits of grilling.

1. Reduced Fat Concentration

Whenever you grill your food, you eat less fat because the excess fat drips off of the grates. Just think about cooking a hamburger in a pan on the stove versus on the grill. The fat burns off when you cook the meat on the grill. However, when you use a pan on top of the stove, there is nowhere for the fat to go. Therefore, it pools and gets re-absorbed by the meat eventually.

2. Greater Retention of Minerals & Vitamins

A majority of people are not aware that more minerals and vitamins are retained by vegetables when they are grilled. That is especially true for vegetables with a lower water content. In addition, vegetables that you throw on the grill usually are in season and fresh which is better than the canned or frozen version. You can just put them on top of the grill. Read full article here.

Winter Grilling Is More Popular Than Ever

Winter grilling is great for football parties and even holiday meals. Winter grilling can be perfect if you want to sink your teeth into the perfect steak or burger, but it does take special care. Winter grilling can be a bit more tricky than just putting steaks, hot dogs or veggies on the coals.

Winter grilling can be just as fun and satisfying as summer. With just some guidelines on how to keep you safe and your food delicious even during the cold season, your winter grilling can be a success, call us here: (888) 556-8121. Winter grilling will change things up from what you are used to if you are in a cold region.

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