Why Grill Island Accessories
Made of Stainless Steel?
San Diego Grillers Know!

Why is Stainless Steel Most San Diego Homeowners First Choice for Island or Outdoor Kitchen Accessories?

The Answer is Not as Simple as; “Because it’s Stainless!”

Corrosion or Rust Resistance – Sure Stainless Steel stains less than other metal alloys and other materials used for outdoor kitchen and barbecue island accessories. While NOTHING is truly stainless (Given the right circumstances), Grade 304 Stainless Steel will stand up to the elements out of doors far better than any other material. With any metal being exposed to outside elements, the first thing to consider is corrosion or rust resistance. So what about Stainless Steel San Diego’s salt air corrosion effects?

Stainless Steel San Diego Salt Air Effects – Modern day stainless steel contains elements, such as nickel, niobium, molybdenum, and titanium. nickel, molybdenum, niobium, and chromium that enhance the corrosion resistance where stainless steel San Diego’s salt air would normally be a factor with other metal surfaces, it is not with “304 Stainless Steel”.

The chromium in the steel combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a thin, invisible layer of chrome-containing oxide, called the passive film. The sizes of chromium atoms and their oxides are similar, so they pack neatly together on the surface of the metal, forming a stable layer only a few atoms thick. If the metal is cut or scratched and the passive film is disrupted, more oxide will quickly form and recover the exposed surface, protecting it from oxidization corrosion. (Source: Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.)

Stain Resistance

Stainless Steel San Diego doesn't stain like this

Scratched and Stained Porcelain Enamel Sink – High Maintenance

Items that would normally stain porcelain or enamel clad cast iron sinks usually wipe right off of Stainless Steel Sinks. Just try leaving a wet tea bag or coffee grounds in a porcelain or enamel surfaced sink. The same goes for food stuffs that staining elements or juices such as beets, blue berries or juices of many OTHER foods. Stainless Steel does not absorb most of those staining elements. In the rare instance where it does and the offending food juice does leave a surface stain, a light scrubbing of the surface with a fine steel wool pad and the stain disappears. Try that with porcelain or an enamel clad cast iron sink and you are making permanent scratches for future food staining elements to adhere.

Low Maintenance – The bottom line here is Stainless Steel Accessories for outdoor kitchens do stain less, are not degraded by scratches and withstand the elements better as a result of being corrosion resistant even if they are scratched.

Accessories in Stainless Steel San Diego Homeowners Choose

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