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BBQ Gas Grill San Diego Homeowner’s Guide

Choose from the best for the least when it comes to your BBQ Gas Grill choices. But how do you choose the Built In  BBQ Grill, Portable BBQ Grill or Stand Alone BBQ Grill that best suits your needs?

Barbecue Gas Grills | What to Consider

How Much? Many think the first consideration should be price. However the old adage: “You get what you pay for” certainly applies when it comes to aBBQ Gas Grill San Diego BBQ Gas Grill San Diego homeowners are considering purchasing. If you go to your local warehouse store, department or hardware store you can see Barbecue Grills priced around $150 to $500.

However there are state of the art individual Gas Grills that can run over $7,000. So the questions then becomes not just what you want and need but how much you are willing to spend to get the Gas Barbecue Grill you want, need and that will last for years to come.

BBQ Grill Fuel: Another thing to consider is do you want propane or natural gas? Natural gas requires requires a licensed gas plumber run a gas line from your home to where your grill will be located. Many grills can be bought in either configuration but you can’t run a propane grill on natural gas or visa versa. As well, the initial cost to have a plumber run a natural gas line may seem cost prohibitive but cost far less in the long run than propane, not to mention the inconvenience of changing out a propane tank or going to get a propane tank filled. All of our BBQ Grills can work with either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas.

What is it Made of: The main body of the grill is usually made from cast aluminum, BBQ Grill all Stainless Steelsheet metal, cast iron, or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the preferred material for professional cooking equipment and more expensive than the other materials but the long life far outweighs the cost difference. However not all stainless steel is the same quality.

Stainless Steel Grade Series: There are many grades of stainless steel. Grade 304 stainless is the most popular with cooking professionals. In fact it is popular because it is stainless steel so it is used in everything from cookware to cars, fuel tanks and buildings. However, what you need to know is that there is magnetic (400) and non-magnetic (300) series stainless steel. While 400 series stainless steel looks very similar to series 300, it is not as durable or corrosion (rust) resistant as 300 series. All of our grill manufacturer’s grill bodies and burners are constructed of Grade 304 Stainless Steel.

Warranty: Of course you want to read the warranty when shopping for barbecue grills. But if there is so much Legal-eze you feel like you would need an attorney to explain it to you, it probably actually does. It should be simple: How long is it under warranty, against what and are there different warranties for different parts, if so; what are the warranties for the different parts. The Warranty should be THIS SAMPLE <PDF download

BBQ Grill Homeowners can choose from a wide assortment of what we consider the best Barbecue Grills and you can order through out shopping cart – That’s right; You can find your next Barbecue Gas Grill for Sale in our Shopping Cart. We also have a 110% Price Match Guarantee – We will not be Beat.

BBQ Grill San Diego Homeowners Choose from the Best for the Least

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