A BBQ Island Design In San Diego

The Best BBQ Island DesignFor most homeowners, the smaller BBQ island design is perfectly suited to their outdoor cooking needs. BBQ island design will come out looking great and stay looking great for years to come. BBQ Island design is as much about performance as it is about style.

A gorgeous outdoor BBQ island design can enhance your whole home. The BBQ Island design is an attractive design that allows family and guests to gather. Other important considerations that affect BBQ Island design are countertops and storage spaces.BBQ island design is usually limited by your construction knowledge and capabilities, custom BBQ island design can create your dream outdoor entertaining area with no limits on creativity.

Island Barbecue Grills: 5 Reasons to Install One at the SAME Time You Build a Pool

To help you appreciate the benefits of synchronizing pool and grill construction schedules, it’s important to understand the basics of island barbeque configurations and features.

Island barbeque grills: A quick overview

Styles of island barbeques—and the components with which they can be assembled—run the gamut. A simple unit might feature an 18” grill in a modular island with a countertop. An upgraded one may include a small sink, mini fridge, and/or an extra counter that forms an L-shaped configuration.

While island grills afford superb design and operational flexibility, the various elements and accessories do mean that installation is more involved. From material selections to utility lines, these built-in structures require good planning and several stages of construction.

1. Expand your design choices.

Planning and building an entire outdoor living space in one fell swoop has distinct benefits. One is how doing so ensures greater opportunities for achieving a cohesive backyard setting that best suits your aesthetic preferences and your family’s lifestyle. See more here.

A BBQ island design can incorporate the lighting of your choice, to not only create a more functional and safe space, but also a more beautiful and stylish cooking and entertaining area.

Tips for Designing the Best Outdoor Kitchen And Backyard Kitchen Designs

Even though outdoor kitchens aren’t a necessity or a common occurrence, they can be the perfect summer addition your to your house’s design. By applying the right tips for designing the best outdoor kitchen, you can incorporate many good ideas that will make this space a fun and stunning area.

Focusing on the Function first

When wondering how to build an outdoor kitchen, you need to know what the purpose of this space will be, as different purposes have different needs. For a chef-in-training the primary focus lays in the appliances, and the layout and materials will also be very important. The most important things might be different if you’re considering the space for lounging – for example, a small satellite kitchen. For the dinner party types, there’s always the prep, clear cooking and serving zones to keep in mind. Whatever you choose, decorate accordingly.

The Location

Because we’re talking about an outdoor space, it’s significant to consider the wind, shade, sun in the particular area. You also need to look into the access to features such as a lawn or a pool. People put their outdoor kitchens near their house, because getting anything you need is easier when the house is near, as transporting foods and other materials is also made easier. Check more here.

Some common features that you should include in your BBQ Island design are a barbecue grill, a refrigerator, a sink, marble or granite countertop, a wood fired oven, a built-in bar counter, and a bistro table.


Take advantage of these five tips for choosing the location of an outdoor kitchen. Wherever you plan to grill or entertain should be strategically placed. Overlooking this important step can take the fun and convenience out of your outdoor environment.

Views: It is crucial to consider views and sight lines when choosing placement for the counters.

  • House window and door views from rooms that face the rear yard.
  • Guests views when standing or sitting at counters
  • Chef’s view – after all, we are usually most concerned about taking care of client #1
  • Privacy from neighbors: Screen views with trees, hedges and shrubbery to provide privacy while respecting your neighbors.

Wind: Smoke blows downwind of the grill. Be a good neighbor and plan accordingly.

  • Consider that smoke will blow downwind of prevailing (found most commonly or having the most power or effect in an area) wind location.
  • Consider proximity to windows, doors or balconies that are downwind
  • Always place dining patios upwind of smoke when possible. Read full article here.

BBQ Island Design Is A Must!

Today’s trends in BBQ Island design are creating an entirely new way of looking at cooking and entertaining. For those who love their backyards and love to design, BBQ Island design can be great fun. An organized and well-planned BBQ Island design can make cooking outside more enjoyable and productive than inside.

A BBQ Island design can consist of different aspects and styles and there are lots of elements in choosing the perfect outdoor food preparation location design. A BBQ Island design can be as simple or elaborate as your budget permits, call us here (888) 556-8121. A great BBQ Island design can be created by having an outdoor pergola over the kitchen area.

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