BBQ Smoker In San Diego!

Choosing A BBQ Smoker That Is Right For YouBBQ Smoker is the addition your backyard patio needs in order to become the grill master you’ve always dreamt of. BBQ smoker is ready to help you enjoy easy and profitable barbecues for years to come. Smokers are particularly popular around the holidays and are certainly not just for BBQ season a backyard.
BBQ smoker is an outstanding choice for aspiring cooks that can’t afford a larger tank smoker with reverse flow draft.  a bbq smoker can bring out a new side in your favorite vegetables including squash, corn, and zucchini. BBQ smoker can be easily modified to be used as a small and very portable grill. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, dehydrating, or even cold smoking, the Shotgun BBQ Smoker is the essential ceramic grill that has four times the capacity, making for a more efficient grill while entertaining.

Why You Should Really Own a Smoker

Although we’ve compiled some great tips on how to succeed in kettle smoking, after using my grill for years to smoke meat low-and-slow, I have to say that it wasn’t until I graduated to a smoker that I started creating truly worthy barbecue.

So what’s the difference, and why do you need a smoker?Here’s a breakdown between two racks of baby back ribs, one done on the smoker, one on the grill, on the same day, using the same recipe.


The one source of frustration for me when smoking on a kettle is temperature control. A kettle grill needs constant hand-holding, with checks on the temperature almost every 15 minutes to make sure the fire is still burning and running low. In my early, naive years, I was in awe of the pitmasters who could reign in a consistent temperature, showing a true skill in the art of being master of the flames. Read more here.

And to top it all off, a BBQ smoker can also reach useful temperatures of nearly 500 degrees meaning it can go hot enough to sear a steak or even fire a pizza.

How to Choose the Perfect Barbecue Smoker

Key things to consider:

1. What is my budget?

Smokers are priced anywhere from $50 El-Cheap-O models all the way up to custom jobs that can cost well over $10K.

You have to decide how much money you are willing to invest. Starting out I would recommend a smaller, easy to operate smoker such as the Weber Smokey Mountain. These smokers are great for the beginner pit master.

They hold temperature very well and have enough room to cook Large cuts of meat. Lots of Competition teams use multiple WSM’s (Weber Smokey Mountain’s) to compete on the KCBS Bbq Circuit.

2. What quantity of meat am I cooking?

Whether you’re cooking a Boston Butt or case of Baby Back Ribs, you want to have the adequate smoker for the job. If you only cook at home for family and friends, you won’t need an expensive Competition smoker; but if you plan competiting in a bbq contest, you will need a smoker that can handle multiple large cuts of meat. See more here.

A grill and a BBQ smoker can both be welcome additions to your outdoor kitchen, but if you can only choose one, consider a high-quality grill and add a smoker tube so that you have the best of both worlds.

Smoking Meat 101: Barbecue for Beginners

So, naturally, we thought Martin himself would be just the guy to give us a beginner’s lesson. (Coming soon: advanced smoking!) In his book, a rack of ribs is 101-level smoking; but if you master it, you can smoke anything—even on your backyard Weber. Here’s how:


1. Slow and Steady, All Day Long

“I know it’s a cliché, but barbecue is something you have to have to be patient with and have fun with,” says Martin. “This is going to take awhile. You need to set aside the day. To me, understanding these things are the first steps to barbecuing.”

2. Get the Right Ribs

“Once upon a time, Chili’s told us that we should love baby backs,” Martin says, referencing that earworm of a jingle. “They’re like filet mignon: Everyone thinks it’s the best cut. But in reality, it’s tasteless. Frankly, baby backs are no more tender than spare ribs, and spare ribs have far more flavor. Check full article here.

BBQ smoker can be used all year round!

When choosing a smoker you want to look for the thickest ceramic wall possible. The thicker the walls the better the heat and moisture retention. The best smokers use corrosion-resistant hardware like stainless steel.
Most manufacturers offer several sizes, but we recommend the industry-standard large size. We find that most customers who purchased a small or medium-size smoker almost always wind up “upgrading” after a season or two. call us here: (888) 556-8121. The large size seems to offer the right amount of cooking space for most grillers.

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