Charcoal BBQ Grill Is Great In San Diego!

A Charcoal BBQ GrillSmoking on a charcoal bbq grill is really easy to do, especially if you are already comfortable grilling with indirect heat. Well-cooked meat is one thing, but if you want that smoky flavor BBQ lovers really crave, a smoker or charcoal grill are probably the best options to consider. The charcoal grill is less expensive so if you are on a limited budget plan a charcoal grill is probably your finest option.

A portable charcoal bbq grill is usually quite compact and has features that make it easier to transport, making it a popular grill for tailgating. The grates of a charcoal grill are one of the most important components of a grill you will have to maintain. Other features that you would want from a charcoal grill are built-in thermostat and grill cover.The best reasons to buy a charcoal grill is that charcoal can get hotter than standard gas grills without infrared burners, and heat is what you need to get steaks and lamb chops crisp on the outside while keeping them red or pink on the inside.

Is Grilling Good for You? Or Bad? Here’s What Science Says

On the most basic level, the smoky flavor and the char that you get from a well-grilled steak is not particularly good for you. When fat from the cooking meat drips down on the hot coals, the smoke that forms contains stuff called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). And the charred exterior of the meat (or inside, if you like things extremely well-done) is chock full of something called heterocyclic amines (HCA).

Both of these have been linked in studies, like one conducted by the National Cancer Institute in 1999, to higher rates of colorectal cancers, and both chemicals have been added to the DOH’s official list of carcinogens (PAH all the way back in 1981, HCA in 2005). In 2009, another study found that people who preferred their steaks “very well done” were 60 percent more likely to get pancreatic cancer than those who liked them bloody (or didn’t eat steak at all), and both compounds have been found to cause tumors in mice (and might cause even more tumors in humans, since mice process the chemicals differently).

Not great news. But hey, this is science! So there are, of course, a bunch of caveats. First off, no one has determined in what quantity these chemicals become carcinogenic, and as with most things, eating in moderation isn’t all that bad for you. More specifically, you can cut way, way down on the HCA action by not charring your meat (or just cutting off the charred parts) and cut the PAH by avoiding flareups, which happen when the drippings hit the heat source. Check more here.

Of course lighting a charcoal grill is more complicated and time-consuming than lighting a gas grill, but that is the classic trade-off between gas and charcoal.

What’s the Difference Between a Gas Grill and a Charcoal Grill?

The Pros and Cons of a Charcoal Grill

There are a few reasons to opt for a charcoal grill, not least of which is cost. You can get a charcoal grill for less than $100 (and in some cases a lot less, although you can also pay well over $100). A charcoal grill also offers that true, cooked-over-a-fire feeling. It might be flavor, but it might also be the thrill of cooking over a charcoal grill! It’s more primal, but also less convenient and not as easy to control as a gas grill.Pro: It’s affordable and portable.

If you like to grill while you’re camping or while tailgating for the big game, there are affordable, small charcoal options that are perfect for just grilling up a couple of burgers. Even a slightly pricier model is more cost-effective and mobile than most gas grill options.

Pro: It can get really, really hot.

With practice and patience, you can stoke those coals until they are a solid 700°F. This is generally hotter than most gas grills get and ideal if you want the perfect sear on your steak. Read more here.

A charcoal grill is perfect not only for your backyard barbecue but can be taken most anywhere since it only weighs 19 pounds, making it a great portable charcoal grill as well.


Charcoal can be intimidating but with the easy steps outlined below, you are sure to be a grill master in no time! Here are secrets to grilling an awesome inaugural meal on your kettle. I broke in my new kettle with steaks but you can grill anything you want and still follow the tips below.

Prepare the kettle for preheating:

  • Before preheating the kettle, make sure that the dampers on the bottom of the kettle and the damper in the lid are completely open.
  • Remove the top cooking grate and hang it off the handle.
  • Fill your chimney starter up halfway (about 50-60 briquettes) with charcoal.
  • Using the bottom grate (charcoal grate), place 2 lighter cubes under the chimney starter and light them. Wait 10-15 until the charcoal has completely ashed over.

Preheating your kettle:

  • Use a grill mitt to evenly dump the ashed over charcoal onto the charcoal grate. A good way to set-up your grill is to put all of the lit charcoal onto one side of the grill, this way you have a safe zone or a place to do indirect grilling. See full article here.

The Charcoal BBQ Grill Will Make Your Next BBQ Party A Memorable One

One charcoal bbq grill can do most everything including smoking on a limited basis. A good charcoal grill can be shut down when you are finished cooking to put out the fire and save the remaining charcoal for the next cook out. A grill is designed to cook hot and fast, but the average charcoal grill can do both.

An averagely sized charcoal bbq grill can make some great barbecue, call us here: (888) 556-8121. The heat produced by grilling on a charcoal grill can be intense and is long lasting and even. A large charcoal grill will offer a big cooking surface, making it good for someone who wants to cook for several people at once.

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