The Smoker Grill Is Must Have This BBQ Season

Smoker Grill - How to Barbecue With Wood ChipsAn advantage to using a smoker grill is the great smoky flavor that you get from the slow cooking process. This smoker grill is very easy to use and while a beginner might need some experience to get that perfect cooking results, the learning curve is worth the effort. A smoker grill is a device designed to cook food slowly in a controlled environment.

Smoker grill is a traditional style smoker, which is perfect for slow cooking and smoking foods to create a delicious flavor. An ideal way to begin your search for the best smoker grill is by fixing your budget. A smoker grill is a grill which is fueled by either wood pellets or charcoal and cooks food at a low temperature which is usually below 300 degrees.Most of the time you will see the grill and smoker right next to each other, although they are plenty of circumstances where a one smoker grill can serve both uses.

5 Things You Must Know To Use Wood Chips For Smoking

It’s almost that time again! Summer is approaching, and that means it is also time for backyard BBQ’ing. You may grill with gas or charcoal, but this year, you want to try something new – smoking your meat using wood chips for smoking.

Smoked meats provide the enjoyment of cooking out, and provide you with some variety other than just grilling burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. This article aims to give you all the information you need to get started smoking meat with wood chips right in your own back yard – no smoker necessary!

#1 How To Use Wood Chips For Smoking

So you want to expand your grilling skills and smoked meats sounds interesting. Actually, smoking meats is only the beginning! Seafood, chicken, vegetables, even pizza can be smoked over the grill! First, pick up a wood chip smoker box. You can use this with your gas or charcoal grill (yes, you read that correctly). A box will hold the chips, plus it is designed to allow the maximum amount of smoke to breathe through to the meat. Read more here.

A smoker grill is more complex than a kettle grill and only delivers great results if you know how to use it right.


I’m a pretty adventurous guy, especially when it comes to grilling. I spice up rubs and whip up marinades that work with any type of food. But there’s another way to add great barbecued flavor to food – by using wood chips to smoke your food.

Just like spices, you can combine different types of wood chips to enhance your grilled fare.

It’s easy to do. Soak the wood chips for about two hours. Then put the moist wood chips in a smoker box attachment on gas grills or directly on the coals for charcoal barbecues. It’s that simple!

If you don’t have a smoker box attachment, there are a few external accessories—such as the Weber Stainless Steel Smoker Box —that will make smoking on a gas grill easy. Again, remember to soak the wood chips before smoking and place these external smoker boxes on top of the cooking grates for smoking.

If you don’t have one of these handy items, you can also place a drip-pan filled with damp wood chips, covered with foil (with holes punched in the top), on top of your cooking grates. See more here.

A smoker grill is designed to smoke meat in a long, horizontal chamber, placed alongside the heat source rather than directly above this makes adjusting the heat and replenishing the fuel much easier because you don’t need to move the food out of the way to add coals or wood to the heat source.

How to Use Smoke Woods

Grilling with wood is one of the greatest advantages to cooking food over a fire in my book, providing the unique opportunity to add a flavor that just can’t be accomplished to the same degree inside a kitchen. Unlike the past few days of tips, this is one that will require a bit more experimenting on your part, since more variables are in play and taste for smoke is incredibly subjective. That being said, here are some tips and advice to get you headed down the right path.

Chips vs. Chunks vs. Logs

The first order of business is choosing the right size of wood from three basic options: chips, chunks, and logs.

Chips are scraps and shavings of wood that ignite quickly, but also burn out pretty fast. The biggest advantage to these are they’re more readily available in a wide variety in stores. Other than that, I find the short burn time a reason to skip them unless totally necessary.

Chunks are usually about fist-size pieces of wood and my choice for getting things smoking. They take longer to fully ignite than chips, but burn for a good hour in a grill, and hours in a smoker. For city dwellers like myself, who may not have a natural supply of wood to forage from, chunks are sold pretty inexpensively all over the internet. Check full article here.

Smoker Grill Can Cook Virtually Anything

Many outdoor cooking experts argue that a smoker grill is better than other types of the grill for a number of reasons. The vital aspect of smoker grill is that you need to monitor it at all given points of time. Turning your charcoal grill into a smoker grill is easy and convenient.

One of the most important accessories for a smoker grill is a remote thermometer. The main grill and the smoker grill are supported by a steel bar that extends all the way through the inside of the BBQ. Smoker Grill can be used to grill, smoke and even bake your favorite dishes year-round, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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