A Winter Barbecue Is Perfect

Winter Barbecue Recipes: Delicious Barbecue Dishes Perfect For The Cold WeatherTo ensure your winter barbecue is a success, we have some top tips for you. A winter barbecue is a great opportunity to have a go at something different. The summer season asks for fresh salads, but a winter barbecue is not complete without some hot veggies on the side.

The other essential cooking tip for winter barbecue is to trust your nose and timer. Hosting a winter barbecue is a fantastic way to entertain guests and get rid of those mid-winter blues. Don’t forget the matching accessories to ensure your winter barbecue is a success.The winter barbecue is an opportunity for guests to revel with cocktails in the bracing beauty of a winter night and then head inside for the cozy comfort of winter char.

Neither Sleet Nor Snow Nor…

I have tried grilling in the winter before but I find it is hard to keep the grill hot enough to get the same great results I get in the summer or in warmer weather.

On your show, BBQ U, I notice that it is always nice there….no rain or snow. I would love to see how you address grilling in cold winter conditions. What is the best wintertime grill and how would you set it up? Are some foods better to cook in the winter on a grill than others?

Mastery of winter grilling has three major benefits:

  1. You and your family and friends can conceivably enjoy the incomparable flavors of grilled and barbecued food year-round, and not just for three to four months
  2. You’ll appear courageous and daring—a breed apart from “fair weather” grillers
  3. The primeval connection to our distant cave-dwelling ancestors is intensified in challenging weather, i.e., even if your kitchen stove is in perfect working order, you can pretend, while braving the elements, that were it not for you and the power of the fire you built, your family would be gnawing on a frozen joint of raw meat. Check more here.

Cooking close to a structure or house is your best choice to help block those cold gusts, just be sure to avoid overhangs, porches, and anything that could present a fire hazard.


While some grillers actually have awesome weather for 12 months out of the year – yes, I’m talking to those of you who post kettle pictures of perfectly grilled steaks on eighty degree sunny December days – jealous! A lot of us grill through harsh snowy winters. We do not appreciate the cold, but we do relish the grilling.

It is safe to say cold weather does not slow us down, but it does, at least in my case, change my tactics. When the weather is really bad, I’m still grilling, but I try to minimize how many trips I take out the backdoor and how much snow and water I traipse back in the house.

I’m looking for meals and methods which are forgiving and most importantly, allow me only three trips outside. One to start the grill, one to place my food, and one to take it off.

Cold Weather Planked Chicken
by Mike Lang

2 cedar planks
1 whole chicken, 3-5 pounds
olive oil
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Read more here.

Depending on how cold it is outside, you’ll use about 1/2 again of what you would typically use to keep the grill at the proper temperature during warmer weather.

Winter grilling tips and recipes

Just because winter has turned the weather chilly doesn’t mean you have to forgo firing up your grill. In fact, grilling in the winter is a fun and fiery way to eat hearty and stay warm. Here are five winter grilling tips from BBQ king and cookbook author Ted Reader who says, “Have a no fear kind of attitude, keep it simple and make it delicious.” What are you waiting for? Turn up the heat!

Winter grilling tip #1: Dress warmly

You don’t walk out to shovel snow without being well-dressed for the winter conditions and you shouldn’t grill outdoors without being warmly clad either. Reader suggests, “Long johns, a turtle neck, layers of clothing, but not so many that you cannot move.” In addition, he recommends warm gloves that allow you to move your fingers, such as gloves that have the ability to remove the finger tips.

Winter grilling tip #2: Keep your tanks full

“If using propane make sure your tank or tanks are kept full. Propane does not perform as well in the cold as does natural gas,” says Reader. That means check your tank today and get it filled before you decide to fire up your grill. You may also need to give your grill a few more minutes than usual to heat to the proper temperature. If the outdoor temps are frigid, your grill is starting off cold, too. See full article here.

Winter Barbecue Is The Best!

Hosting a winter barbecue is a real treat. You can barbecue all throughout the year but a winter barbecue is just that little bit more special. Hosting a winter barbecue can be a great way to entertain some guests and get rid of those cold winter sorrows.

The winter barbecue is fast becoming a trend. A winter barbecue can be fun it’s easy to bring summer gaiety to wintertime meals. Home-made soups and a winter barbecue will warm your body, and the concluding carol singing will warm your soul, call us here: (888) 556-8121 for more barbecue recipes.

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