BBQ Pulled Pork In San Diego!

Making BBQ Pulled Pork Using a Charcoal SmokerBBQ pulled pork is always a winner and super easy to throw together. This BBQ pulled pork is super tender, tastes delicious and just melts in your mouth. BBQ Pulled Pork is so delicious and yet so insanely easy!

BBQ Pulled Pork is an easy few ingredient recipe made. BBQ Pulled Pork is one of my favorite cooks once and eats it all week long dishes! BBQ Pulled Pork is luscious, fork-tender, and mouthwatering.

This slow cooked BBQ pulled pork is a year-round favorite at our house, and with only a few ingredients, it couldn’t be easier!


Pulled pork is my gateway to low and slow barbecue. Brisket is fantastic, and I lust after ribs, but pulled pork is easy and delicious. If you want to find out why people become barbecue fanatics, make yourself some pulled pork.

How? Well, if you have a real barbecue pit or smoker, it’s easy. (And you don’t need me to explain how to do it – you’re already an expert.) I learned how to make barbecue on my Weber Smoky Mountain. The WSM makes it easy to keep a low fire going for the eight to twelve hours necessary for real barbecue. But, that was back when I was a barbecue fool – I was doing ten hour cooks almost every weekend.

Eventually, I moved on from my barbecue phase. (Also known as having kids. Suddenly, finding time for a ten hour cook every weekend was…difficult.) My poor WSM was neglected, and when I didn’t clean it out after my last cook of the year, all sorts of interesting things started growing inside. (I tried to clean it out, but I was never able to stop the spread of white fuzz.) Read more here.

Perfect if you are too busy to cook a nice meal for your family each night but look no further, a bbq pulled pork is the new quick but delicious time saver!

How to Cook Pulled Pork (aka Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt) – Easy Pulled Pork Recipe

We have a lot of folks ask us via email, twitter, or at food shows how to smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork. We almost always use the following recipe – its simple, and results in perfect pulled pork BBQ every time! We are big fans of Kansas City BBQ, but this recipe should make folks from all BBQ regions happy!

Easy Smoked Pork Shoulder / Pulled Pork Recipe

1 – 7 pound pork shoulder (also known as a Boston Butt – bone in or boneless work great)
2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4-6 tablespoons Pork Barrel BBQ’s All American Spice Rub
6 cans of beer
1 aluminum drip pan
5 chunks of hickory wood
3 chunks of oak wood
1 Bag of Lump Hardwood Charcoal

When lighting your charcoal, be sure to use hardwood lump charcoal and always light it with a charcoal chimney. If you are using a BBQ grill instead of a smoker, you can still smoke your pork shoulder! Just place the charcoal in a pile on one side of the grill, and place the meat on the other side. See more here.

BBQ pulled pork are raised the old-fashioned way, with a freedom to socialize with one another and snuffle for roots outdoors, which contributes to the most stunning meat and awesome crackling!

How to Make Smoked Pulled Pork

One of the most versatile meats in barbecue is the smoked pork butt or Boston butt from which we get the famous smoked pulled pork. Smoked pulled pork is extremely easy to make with only a few steps required for getting the pork ready for the smoker. The hard part is in the keeping the smoker going for 14+ hours while it slowly smoke cooks to perfection.

What You’ll Need
  • 6-8 lb pork butt or pork picnic roast
  • Yellow mustard
  • Jeff’s original rub (purchase recipes here)
  • Jeff’s barbecue sauce (purchase recipes here)
Remove the Skin on Pork Picnic Roast (optional)

I prefer the Boston butt over the picnic roast but if you do find yourself with a picnic, here’s how to remove the skin.
Lay the roast on the cutting board skin side up.
Make a cut through the skin right down the center as shown. Check full article here.

BBQ Pulled Pork Is One Of BBQ Favorites!

BBQ pulled pork is the new quick but delicious time saver. Smoked pork and bbq pulled pork are my two favorites, plain, on sandwiches. A few standouts such as chickpea and sweet potato soup, speckled salad with quinoa, leek, bacon, and chervil, and BBQ pulled pork are must-tries.

This BBQ pulled pork is the perfect macro friendly dish for dinner or to bring to any summer events. The sweet potato chips and BBQ pulled pork are divine together. Salmon and wild rice and BBQ pulled pork is a couple of our favorites and we still eat out regularly as well, call us here: (888) 556-8121 for more BBQ recipes.

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