A Gas Grill Smoker Box

Everything You Need to Know About a Gas Grill Smoker BoxA gas grill smoker box is as simple as cooking on one of your burners, only with the flame turned really low. The idea behind the Smoker Box is that the wood in the box smokes during barbecuing rather than burning.

Gas grill smoker box is an excellent product, it is built well, and is very easy to install. Lots of gas grills come with one of these supplied, but if your grill doesn’t have one you should be able to get hold of one in any barbecue accessory store.The exterior of this pellet grill smoker is made of a durable and high-temperature resistant powder coat finishing, along with stainless steel handles.

Smoking on a Gas Grill

However, gas and electric grills are not made to use wood or deal with the ash which wood produces, but it’s possible to get around this problem by using a gas grill smoker box.

The Best Setups For Gas Grills, Maintenance, And Troubleshooting

The first thing to do is to season it and calibrate your grill or smoker by doing a few dry runs without food. On a new cooker, this will burn off any manufacturer’s grease, and give you a sense for how to set it up to hit the two important target temps that almost all my recipes use: 225°F and 325°F. Like a musician, you must master your instrument to make great art.

Controlling temp and mastering 2-zone cooking

You can also control the temp by placing a water pan above the burners. Size and location of the water pans are important. To get the setup right, do some dry runs without food. Experiment. Click the link to learn how to calibrate your grill.

Controlling temperature on a gas grills and smokers is simple. Turn the knobs. Well, actually, it’s not always that simple. Alas, knobs on gas grills don’t tell you the temperature, so you need to figure that out when you calibrate. Surprisingly, depending on the outside air temp, wind, and how well the hood is insulated, turning the dial might not change temp that much. See more here.

Gas grill smoker box is placed on the BBQ grate next to the food being cooked, and, as mentioned above, the smoke produced gets into the food and imparts a very distinctive flavor.

How To Set Up Your Gas Grill for Smoking and Low and Slow Cooking

So let’s talk about your grill. You must know your grill. If you can get or have the instructions for your grill from the manufacturer, follow those instructions. You are going to experiment a little with your grill set up. You need to know how to get a steady low grill surface temperature in an area reserved for indirect heat. Also, be sure you have enough gas. I have natural gas, so I’m good.

For me, I have four main burners that run front to back. If I only turn one burner on high, the grill surface temperature in the indirect (not over the burner that is turned on) is right at 225. With the two outside burners at medium, I have a steady 250. Turning on the smoker side burner kicks the temperature up about 50 degrees while on.

So how do I know these things? I played with it. If you have 2 or 3 burners, start with one burner on high and see what you get in the indirect area. Some grills will have vents, and you can experiment with them too. If you have a one burner, you’re going to set a large pan on top of your grates and cover it with a rack of some type. Do not put any weight on top of your burners directly with the rack and meat. Ever…. Check full article here.

A Gas Grill Smoker Box Is A Must

Gas grill smoker box is limited to smoking pork ribs and chicken and they both came out great. When barbecuing rather than grilling, cooking times are nearly always longer (and temperatures lower). And the longer the cooking time the more chance there is for the smoke to work its magic on the food.

Once your grill is up to temperature you’re ready to start. First, put your gas grill smoker box on one side of the cooking grate of your grill. Some people put the Box between the burner and the grate, but if you do this you won’t be able to top-up the wood chips, later on, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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