How To Clean Grill Using Wire Bristles In San Diego?

Are Wire Bristles The Proper Way To Clean Your Grill?Wire bristles can fall off grill brushes and get into the meat, leading to severe throat and digestive tract injuries. The wire bristles are either glued, tacked or stapled to the wooden block. Wire bristles are designed for general scarifying and the removal of impacted grease, rubber carpet backing, grease, oil, wax, dried paint, ice, and food builds up without damage to the substrate.

While stainless steel and wire grill brushes are seen as the best tools for the cleaning job, these can lead to dangerous consequences if not handled properly and wire bristles are ignored. BBQ grill brush wires causing big health WoesIf ingested, stray wire bristles can pierce throat, intestines, public health experts warn. The thin wire bristles can be tiny, and hard to detect on food, but cause major internal damage if ingested.Just one of the coarse wire bristles can puncture any part of the digestive system esophagus, intestines or stomach as it makes its way down the track.

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Think Twice Before Using A Wire Bristle Brush To Clean Your Grill

Emergency rooms are always full in the summertime, often due to outdoor accidents. But sometimes people wind up with an IV stuck in their arm because of things they never dreamed of happening – like perforating an organ while eating a cheeseburger. A new study conducted at the University of Missouri School of Medicine identified more than 1,600 injuries from wire-bristle grill brushes reported in ERs since 2002.

You’ve probably seen the brushes, and maybe even own one. I own one…or I did, until I read this study. You can be scrubbing all that grease and black burnt-on stuff off the grill and accidentally leave one of the little bristles behind. If you’ve ever been poked in the finger by one of the bristles, you know how much it hurts. You wouldn’t want to eat one.

These Wire Bristles Can Cause Some Damage

For the study, researchers looked at consumer injury databases and found nearly 1,700 injuries related to wire grill brushes dating back to 2002. The most common injuries were to the oral cavities, throats, and tonsils. Read more here.

If the brush is rusty, old, poorly made, the grates aren’t thoroughly inspected and wiped off after cleaning – or even just a random occurrence, the wire bristles can become dislodged, stick to the grates and can then end up on the food you eat.

How to Clean Your Grill Efficiently and Safely

There are alternatives to the risk of stray wire bristles when cleaning your grill. Here are three cleaning devices that will help you grill cleanly—and safely

Best of Barbecue Ultimate Grill Brush
In conventional grill brushes, the bristles are squeezed upright into holes drilled in the wooden or plastic block that serves as the brush head. Normally, these bristles can withstand up to 5 pounds of pressure before pulling out.

But over time the brush head can become waterlogged or warped, causing the metal bristles to loosen or fall out. To prevent this, we’ve twisted the metal bristles between two strands of stiff steel wire. The result: it would now take 25 pounds of pressure to pull the wire bristles loose. We previously covered the details behind the new grill brush. And the extra long handle keeps your arm away from the fire.

GrillStone® Cleaning Block
Safe for all grills, including porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel and steel, the GrillStone® Cleaning Block is a chemical-free option that completely eliminates the need for bristles. This ingenious block conforms to shape of the surface to clean between the bars of the grate. See more here.

The actual problem with this tool is that the wire bristles can sometimes fall off of the brush, attach to the grill, and then cling to your food without anyone noticing.


One of the most practical tools used before or after every cookout is a grill brush. Most people leave their grill brush hanging on their grill where it is always accessible. That means their trusty grill brush takes a real beating from frequent use and the weather. In normal use, we apply pressure to vigorously brush off burned on food residue and that action wears down the bristles. When you add the environmental wear from rain, snow, desert heat and sub-tropical humidity wooden and plastic brush heads can split, crack and warp.

If your grill brush is in bad condition, bristles can dislodge and stick to the cooking grates where they may adhere to the surface of steaks, burgers, chicken pieces and other foods. Unfortunately, there are injuries reported due to people ingesting wire bristles left behind by a worn out grill brush.

So here are some safety tips to follow.

  1. Inspect your grill brush for wear. If the bristles are worn down or clogged up with grease, throw it away and replace it.
  2. If your grill brush head is split or warped the bristles can come loose so throw it away and replace it. Read full article here.

A BBQ Grill Wire Bristles Brush Can Pose A Serious Threat To Your Health

Apparently, the wire bristles have a tendency to fall off the brushes and then get stuck in the grill and often the person cleaning and cooking on the grill doesn’t even know what’s happened. If you love cooking outdoors, then this chef fork and steam cleaning grill brush are must-haves. Time to get out and grill, but beware, wire bristles from your grill brush can really ruin your barbecue. A grill brush can also be used for a broad spectrum of grill types and the innovative and reliable stainless steel bristled that point in every direction provided thorough cleaning results.

There are grill brush alternatives that clean the grill grates, do a good job, and don’t have the same risks that fine wire bristles do. If your grill brush is in bad condition, bristles can dislodge and stick to the cooking grates where they may adhere to the surface of steaks, burgers, chicken pieces and other foods. The quality of BBQ grill brush is a universal grill brush that can be used with numerous gas grill, porcelain grill, smoker grill, infrared grill, charcoal grill, and much more, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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