Maintaining Commercial Grill In San Diego

Best Way Of Maintaining Commercial GrillA commercial grill is ideal for preparing meals for any time of day. It is a large piece of equipment that needs to be professionally installed and serviced if it is to work well. A commercial grill is a type of restaurant equipment that is also known as a flat top stove, cooktop or griddle that is generally made from stainless steel.

A commercial grill is largely a part of what adds the distinguishing flavor and texture to my mouth watering food items. A quality of this grill is a common feature for almost every kitchen. An alternative to infrared technology for a commercial grill is burning grill. A flat commercial grill is also called a griddle.Quickly producing great quality food for range bars, restaurants, hotels and bistros, it is clear to see why the commercial grill is at the heart of all professional kitchens.

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A Commercial Grill

A commercial grill is a type of restaurant equipment that is also known as a flattop stove, cooktop or griddle that is generally made from stainless steel. This type of restaurant cooking equipment requires frequent cleaning due to excessive daily use. Fortunately, you can easily clean your commercial equipment with a few cheap products instead of hiring an industrial cleaning firm.Start cleaning a commercial grill by taking paper towels and wiping off excess grease. Continue wiping off all grease and residue on the restaurant cooking equipment until paper towels show no more grime.

Use a plastic paint scrapper to scrape off any burnt-on grease or food. According to, avoid using metal scrappers because they can cause nicks in the finish that lead to rust over time. Take another paper towel and wipe off the leftover burnt debris on the restaurant cooking equipment.Follow by cleaning the commercial grill by applying a generous amount of apple cider vinegar all over the cooking surface. See more here.

Since a commercial grill is typically subjected to heavy use, it is wise to clean it at least once per day to maintain the appearance and performance.

How to Clean a Commercial Grill

Commercial grills are versatile pieces of cooking equipment you can use to prepare anything from pancakes to steak and eggs. The main benefit of using them is that cooks don’t have to worry about flavor transfer when making different types of foods.

Turn off the Grill, and Dispose the Grease

After turning off a hot commercial grill, let it cool for at least an hour before you begin cleaning. Once the grill cools, remove the grease container or drip pan, and dispose it in an old container or jar. Do not pour the grease down the drain, as this can cause clogs and other plumbing issues.

Scrape and Wipe the Surface

Scrape the grills surface thoroughly with a grill scraper to remove any caked-on food and grease. If you have a commercial char grill, use a grill brush with steel bristles to remove food debris. Read more here.

The main features professional grillers are looking for in a commercial grill are the size of the grilling area, the number of burners, the type of gas used, the ignition system, the types of accessories available and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning Grill is an Important Part of Maintenance

Cleaning your grill is an important part of maintaining its longevity and functionality. Depending on your operation, we recommend cleaning once daily but if the grill is used heavily, it may be necessary to clean every few hours for a sanitary cooking surface. Regular cleaning not only keeps the grill safe but also eliminates excess grease and debris which may compromise the taste and quality of food. Now that summer is upon us, we are itching to get outside and fire up our grill. Grilled corn on the cob anyone?
Since all grills are made differently, it’s best to follow the grill manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly clean your commercial grill. Some grill manufacturers allow the use of a grill brick, which is typically made of pumice stone and is designed to clean grill surfaces without scratching them. Other manufacturers suggest using a standard grill brush and warm soapy water to wash grills. There are also liquid grill cleanersavailable, and some manufacturers approve their use for cleaning grills with burnt-on food particles that are difficult to remove. Read full article here.

The Commercial Grill Is Easy To Use

A commercial grill can mean a lot of different things. Using this grill can bring out the best flavor in your meats and vegetables. Buying this kind of grill is not at all a tough call if you have the proper resources at hand. We believe a commercial grill is a product engineered to withstand the rigors of daily usage throughout the year.
The commercial grill is a great summer item to be added to your backyard or patio. If you want to make sure that your commercial grill is well chosen and that it works as it should for years to come, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team we will be happy to help you anytime. Just contact us here (888) 556-8121.
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