BBQ Season Is Here, Are You Ready to BBQ?

Healthy Tips to Help You Through the BBQ SeasonFavorite parts of BBQ Season are being outside with family and friends, and of course enjoying fantastic food. BBQ season is creeping up everywhere, ruining a perfectly good thing. Which means that the weather and BBQ season are warming up.

BBQ season is upon us, so impress your family and friends at your next get-together with sparkling windows. BBQ season can, inevitably, be alienating for vegetarians and vegans. Healthy recipes for BBQ season can’t be beaten.BBQ season is approaching quickly and we would love to have a talented, energetic culinary professional join us.

10 Healthy Ideas for a Lean Barbecue Season

Summer is synonymous with grilling for many American families, and why not? When the weather is warm, we spend more time outdoors and try to stay out of the hot kitchen. It stays light longer, and the evenings tend to seem a little less jam-packed with activities than usual. These are all great reasons to look to the barbecue for dinner inspiration. But before you dust off that grill, we have some tips to help you enjoy the BBQ season while keeping your dinners as lean and healthy as can be.

Healthy Barbecue Tip No. 1: Bold ingredients add great flavor to grilling sauces and marinades.

You can add bold flavors without adding too many calories or fat grams. Here are some of my favorite ingredients for sauces and marinades:

  • Worcestershire sauce: 2 tablespoons contain 30 calories, 0 grams fat, and 390 milligrams sodium
  • Chili sauce: 2 tablespoons contain 40 calories, 0 grams fat, and 960 milligrams sodium (depending on brand)
  • Tomato paste: 2 tablespoons contain 30 calories, 0 grams fat, and 20 milligrams sodium
  • Molasses: 2 tablespoons contain 120 calories, 0 grams fat, and 40 milligrams sodium. See more here.

Many of the problems that arise during the BBQ season are caused by amateur cooks failing to pay enough attention to some simple rules of food hygiene.

Top barbecue tips

Light the barbecue before the guests arrive

Even have some grilling under way – maybe just a few bites. At the very least, your guests will arrive to the tantalising smell of the debris burning off the barbecue grills.

Be en place

The chef’s term for having everything in place ready to go. Get marinating the day before and prepare everything to as advanced a state as you can. This will leave you with less washing-up and more time to set up drinks and create the party atmosphere on the day.

Be organised around your barbecue

Have enough work surface. Work out how many grill-loads of food you have to cook. What other equipment will you need? How will you keep raw meat separate from cooked?

Stay with your barbecue

Stay for as long as you are grilling, for the best results and for safety’s sake. You won’t get lonely. Chefs never do. There are always a handful of – invariably male – guests who huddle around giving their chefs advice. Barbecuing is theatre. Check more here.

Spring showers and bbq season are on us so now could be the ideal time for you to combat again versus the pollen and check here flower petals clogging your gutters and staining your patios.

Expert tips to help you avoid burning your barbecue

Get that smoky flavour, without burning your burgers or incinerating your steaks, with these top BBQ tips and techniques.

1 Keep your grill clean

A build up of old oil and debris can give your BBQ food an off-taste, as well as leaving burnt remnants on your freshly cooked meat. Ideally, clean it soon after you’ve used it, while the grill is still warm. Left it a little longer? No problem. You can still get it clean in minutes with a piece of scrunched-up tin foil.

2 Marinate your meat

Marinating or brining meat can stop it from drying out and cooking too quickly, or burning on the outside. Plus, it makes it taste delicious. Try our BBQ sticky ribs made with a gorgeously sticky Dr Pepper marinade.

3 Start at room temperature

Don’t forget to bring your meat to room temperature before barbecuing. This will help it cook evenly, ensuring that the outside won’t dry out or burn before the middle is done. Take a look at our top tips for the perfect barbecue steak. Read full article here.

BBQ Season Can Be A Lot Of Fun

When the winter chill and snow sets in, BBQ season can feel a long way off. As a result, brands associated with BBQ season have been quick to give their products a patriotic makeover for the occasion. BBQ season will – hopefully – be on us before we know it and some fresh ideas.

The summer BBQ season can begin a lot earlier for many areas around the country. BBQ season will be underway and there is nothing better than a good, homemade BBQ sauce to make it complete. Find overwhelming and see how fun and delicious BBQ season can be, contact us here: (888) 556-8121.

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