Outdoor living spaces have become a growing trend amongst many homeowners. These spaces are natural extensions of your home – as it not only adds valuable square metres to your space, but allows you to live (and cook) in an invigorating new way.

That’s why the modern outdoor kitchen has become so popular. It essentially gives you an entirely new room to entertain guests or enjoy an outdoor family feast. The question is what do you need to know to design one of these spaces? The steps below will get you started and well on your way to enjoying cooking in the great outdoors – in your own home.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances to Consider for Summer

Choosing Outdoor Kitchen AccessoriesFor barbeques, cookouts, and pool parties, as long as you have a well-stocked arsenal of food to store in your outdoor fridge and other above-the-cut kitchen appliances to prepare all your meals, you’ll be on your way to earning the award of Most Valuable Party Thrower. It’s a major award.

1. Built-in Grill

Creating an entertaining space begins with outdoor kitchen appliances, and the best way to turn up the heat is with a built-in grill. A grill is the centerpiece of your outdoor cooking space that will ramp up your party-throwing reputation. Leave your guests in awe and transform your backyard patio into an open-air dream kitchen.

During the summer, you’re bound to do the majority of your cooking on a grill. From burgers and dogs to steaks and chops, you need a reliable grill to ensure an even cook and perfect char. It makes it easy to cook large portions at once without making a mess of your indoor cooking space. If you’re a true grill master, your built-in grill can turn into your everyday cooking appliance with upgraded features and accessories that make it easy to prepare any kind of food. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner–meal time just tastes better on the grill.

2. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Who needs take-and-bake when you have your own pizza oven? Backyard pizza parties are one of the most exciting summer gatherings where friends and family meet to assemble and bake their very own pies. If you have a pizza oven as part of your outdoor kitchen appliances, your summer cookouts will quickly turn into a summer destination.

It’s time for traditional barbecue to take a back seat because fresh-baked pizza has arrived at the party. Pizza ovens are easy to install and don’t cost an unreasonable amount of dough. Get it? It’s a great way to make your own pie and get the entire family involved in the cooking process.

And when you’re finally tired of all the pepperoni, you can use the oven to bake bread, roast potatoes, cook meats, and even prepare delicious summertime desserts like chocolate chip cookies, baked s’mores, and giant cinnamon rolls.

3. Outdoor Fridge

Just like the built-in grill, an outdoor fridge is one of the pillars of a strong outdoor kitchen. The best outdoor fridge has the power to transform a run-of-the-mill cooking space to a gallery worthy of a magazine cover. If you’re not as flashy, it doesn’t hurt to have a place to store icy drinks on hot summer days, either. You probably aren’t looking for a full-sized fridge for your outdoor cooking space, but smaller bar fridges and wine fridges are more compact versions that are just as durable and do a great job keeping the party outdoors–meaning fewer footprints in the house.

They aren’t just for drinks, you can still keep perishable goods chilled before you’re ready to throw your food on the grill instead of making multiple trips back into the house or constantly keeping the cooler filled with ice. It’s a convenience to grab a cool beverage or food item while you’re outside, making this a must-have in your list of outdoor kitchen appliances.

4. Meat Smoker

It’s about time to break out the big guns–you’re smoking gun that is. If you’re looking for a real crowd pleaser this summer, then you better jump on the meat-smoking bandwagon. These multi-purpose smokers simultaneously cook, brown, and flavor low and slow, the way meat should be cooked. It’s a way to transform the toughest cuts of meat into a flavorful culinary masterpiece.

Tri-tip, brisket, pulled pork, sausage, ribs, smoked chicken, there is no limit to what you can prepare in your meat smoker. If you’re a lover of barbecue, you’ll be amazed by some of the mouth-watering creations you can prepare in your outdoor kitchen appliance.

5. Warming Drawer

If you typically entertain a lot of people during your summer celebrations, a warming drawer would certainly make life easier. You can keep already-cooked foods warm as you continue to prepare the rest of the meal. It’s a simple but useful touch to your outdoor cooking space that will enhance your ability to entertain. With all the pesky summertime bugs that are always trying to land on your food, it’s another great option to protect food until it’s ready to serve.

And if you can’t protect all your food from the sun or you’re trying to clean up in between courses, a built-in trash compactor allows you to focus on your party without leftover food scraps and garbage taking over and stinking up your kitchen. Adjoining recycling bins keep those soda cans neatly tucked away until the party is over. If you have a backyard full of flawless outdoor kitchen appliances, the last thing you want is clutter getting in the way.

We hope these outdoor kitchen appliances have inspired you to get outdoors and entertain like a culinary pro. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor appliances for summer, check out our online catalog to shop our entire collection. Give us a call today–we’re happy to assist in any way we can.

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