Avoiding Bad Barbecue In San Diego!

Beware of Bad Barbecue - How To Avoid Cooking Awful Smoked MeatsThe only bad barbecue is the wrong barbecue, oversauced or dried-out or cooked in any kind of slipshod, modern manner. Sometimes the difference between good barbecue and bad barbecue is just a small tweak away. One of the more common grilling mistakes that can lead to bad barbecue is not cleaning the grill before use.

Even bad barbecue is pretty good, and good barbecue will make a saint kick out a stained glass window. Even bad barbecue is good, but slow-cooked BBQ is heaven. One reason people cook bad barbecue is because they do not measure their cooking chamber temperature “at the grate” where the meat is. An excellent barbecue is only restricted to your personal creativity or your own stock of good recipes for your barbecue grill and all you need is a great barbecue recipe and a bbq sauce for all occasions.

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Is Grilling Bad For Your Health?

When it’s too hot to turn on the kitchen stove, it can only mean one thing: It’s grilling season. But before heading outdoors to prepare every meal, we may want to consider some hamburger health hazards. Cooking meat at high temperatures—like grilling, or even roasting and frying—can cause chemical reactions that release some nasty toxins in the air (and our bodies). But before opting for a raw food diet out of pure fear, there are some ways to keep on grilling while staying out of harm’s way.

You’re Grilling Me—The Need-to-Know

Throwing a sausage on the grill can cause some serious chemical reactions. The biggest worry is that many of the chemicals created have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.In fact, one large study on over 3,000 women found those who consumed a large amount of grilled meat over the course of a year had a 47 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer. In order to learn more about what’s actually causing these health risks, we examined the main chemical reactions that occur when meat meets grill, and what the potentially harmful products of those reactions can do.

  • AGEs: Fat plus protein plus heat may equal trouble. Cooking at high heat can produce a chemical reaction between the fat and protein in meat, creating toxins called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. These toxins are linked to the imbalance of antioxidants in the body (aka oxidant stress), along with inflammation, which can lead to an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease . Check more here.

One of the most common grilling mistakes is foregoing the food thermometer which often leads to either an overcooked or undercooked grilled dish.

12 Grilling Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make (But Probably Do)

Ah, summer. That special time of year when those good spatula-wielding folks who only cook for one season out of the year (let’s call ’em what they are: dads) dust off the old grill to burn a few steaks and serve up some medium-rare chicken. Okay, perhaps I’m being unfair here. There are plenty of amazing backyard cooks who take a structured, scientific approach to good grilling and reap the flavorful rewards because of it, but there are just as many who think that all it takes to put together a successful backyard cookout is the ability to buy some steaks and light a fire.


The Thinking:If I douse my coals in liquid fuel, of course they’ll light faster! It’s logical and it’s a mistake most beginning grillers make. It doesn’t help that match-light coals and lighter fluid are heavily marketed in the grilling aisle at the home centers and supermarkets. It’s easy to understand why so many people buy lighter fluid: Try holding a match underneath a coal and you won’t get very far.

The Reality: After erupting in a mushroom cloud of fire, the flames quickly subside and die. You end up squirting more lighter fluid on the coals in a desperate attempt to keep the fire going (and perhaps even after the fire is alive and kicking because it’s just so damn fun to set things on fire). All seems to be going well until you take that first gasoline-scented bite of a hamburger. Truth is, no matter how long you let a fire that was started with lighter fluid burn, you can taste it on your food, and it’s not pleasant. See more here.

Warming the meat won’t help you achieve the perfect steak because room temperature cuts cook too quickly and cooking with cold steaks allows you to control the temperature more, resulting in a perfectly cooked steak


One of my favorite pastimes is smoking. There’s nothing like the aroma of wood smoke and the awesome flavors of a well-smoked meal. With multiple smokers in my backyard you could say that this pastime is more of an obsession, so it always surprises me when someone tells me that they are intimidated by the art of smoking. While smoking does take some finesse and knowledge it shouldn’t be seen as a skill that is difficult and only for grilling experts. With a little time and practice everyone can become an expert. So…grab your wood chips and check out Weber’s Top Ten Smoking tips from our cookbookWeber’s Smoke™ by Jamie Purviance.


  1. START EARLY: Many of the flavor compounds in smoke are fat and water soluble, which means that whatever you are cooking will absorb smoky flavors best when it is raw. As the surface cooks and dries out, the smoke does not penetrate as well.
  2. GO LOW AND SLOW (MOST OF THE TIME): Real barbecue is cooked slowly over low, indirect heat—with wood smoke—because that’s a traditional way to make sinewy meats so moist and tender that you hardly need teeth. But don’t miss easy opportunities for adding sweet wood aromas to foods that are grilled over a hot fire for just minutes, like steaks, shrimp, and even vegetables. Read full article here.

Bad Barbecue: Grilling Mistakes

Grilling mistakes can lead to bad barbecue are usually made in one of three areas, food preparation and safety, cooking, and grill maintenance and safety. One of the most common grilling mistakes is putting the barbecue sauce on too early. “Avoiding these top grilling mistakes will help you create a perfect meal every time!

As a beginner, it’s important to learn what these grilling mistakes are and how to avoid them. Grilling mistakes it is because of bad barbecue can indeed cause some specific health risks. most grilling mistakes are easily avoidable with a minor modification and grilling mistakes will make things even easier, call us here: (888) 556-8121!

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