A Summer BBQ In San Diego!

Tips for Throwing a Summer BBQ That is Awesome in Every WayThe most important tips for throwing a summer BBQ is planning. Summer BBQ is the outdoor dining experience of the season, and this year was no exception. A summer BBQ is fun and grilling is a favorite pastime. Summer BBQ will be one that your friends won’t soon forget.

The summer BBQ is a tradition pretty much everyone loves. Summer BBQ is aimed at simply being a fun and enjoyable way to welcome summer together.Having a Summer BBQ can get a great deal of work for the host. Summer BBQ can be a success without costing a fortune.

The summer is upon us, which means everyone will be getting their summer BBQ ready to take advantage of the hot weather and outdoor fun, whether it is camping, picnic or a day at the beach.

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7 Tips: How to Throw an Easy & Awesome Summer BBQ

Thinking about gathering your own friends and family for some grilling, sipping, and celebrating this Memorial Day? Here are the recipes, drinks, and DIYs I’ll be working on over the weekend, so come Monday afternoon, I can greet our guests with a smile—not my usual frantic, frazzled, “I’m not ready yet!” face.

1. Go potluck-style.

Since our BBQ was relatively impromptu, we sent out a short and sweet email invitation to all our friends, enticing them with the promise of grilled meats and cold drinks, and asking them to bring side dishes and drinks to share. For a laid-back BBQ, there’s no shame in asking for help—in my experience, most people like to contribute what they can, even if it’s just a bag of chips and a six-pack.

2. Pick easy, classic recipes—with a fresh twist.

I love barbecues, and I tend to overdo it, so my natural inclination is to make a 100+ item grocery list and cook all the things. But I also want to actually enjoy my friends’ company, so I’m consciously limiting my shopping list to five key recipes that are summer BBQ classics, but each has a unique twist—either in flavor or presentation—so they taste like they took a lot of effort, but (shh!) they totally didn’t. See more here.

Favorite sides to pair with a perfect summer BBQ are these baked beans, coleslaw, collard greens, skillet cornbread, and fresh sliced watermelon.

Spring and Summer Foods with Surprising Health Benefits

Here are some popular spring and summer treats that may offer some unexpected health benefits for you and your elderly loved one. Ruth Frechman, M.A., a registered dietician and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, offers her perspective on how these foods can be both tasty and nutritious for seniors.

Barbecue Basics

  • Watermelon: Synonymous with summer, this juicy fruit is not only low-fat, it also contains a staggering amount of nutrients seniors need. Pound for pound, watermelon has more lycopene than any other fresh fruit or veggie. Also found in tomatoes, lycopene is an antioxidant that has been shown to combat certain forms of cancer and heart disease. Watermelon is also packed with potassium, which can be a boon for seniors suffering from potassium deficiency, or hypokalemia.
  • Iceberg lettuce: Don’t forgo a spring salad just because it has romaine lettuce in it. Oft-maligned as the less-healthy relative of spinach and romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce actually has more of the antioxidant alpha-carotene than either of them. Alpha-carotene (and its companion, beta-carotene) can be transformed by the body into vitamin A, which can help maintain good eye health. Research has shown that alpha-carotene, on its own, may also play a role in lowering a person’s risk of dying from ailments such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Check more here.

Grilling can be a nutritious, low-fat way to cook your meals and a summer BBQ can be a great simple way to round up your family and friends for a delicious feast.

8 Tips to Avoid Summer Party Weight Gain

Summer is the season of picnics, BBQs and social events that evolve around food and, lest we forget, drinks. Delicious, colorful, aromatic dishes and cold refreshing cocktails with decorative multi-colored miniature paper umbrellas. More often than not, these events will include high fat, calorie-laden foods and drinks that are hard to resist. Even the most disciplined of eaters may find themselves reaching for another helping. It’s no surprise then that summer eating can lead to summer weight gain.

1. Keep a Food and Exercise Journal
Recording your physical activity and everything you eat and drink every day is an excellent way to help maintain your weight. It’s easier now than ever, thanks to hand-held computer devices and cell phones that offer software applications to help you keep note. Review your journal before you go out to a summer social. If you’ve already eaten more than you should for the day and missed your morning workout, you might be more conscience of what you will eat at the event.

2. Make the Company Your Focus
Before you head out to your event, mentally prepare yourself to be sociable. Be prepared to mingle and converse with everyone. If you put your energy into the people there rather than what is laid out on the buffet table you might have less time to grab a second helping or pick at the party chips—after all, it’s hard to socialize with a mouth full of food. This by no means suggests that you shouldn’t eat anything! You wouldn’t want to offend your host or go home hungry. Read full article here.

A Summer BBQ Are Always Fun!

Remember, no Summer BBQ is complete without a refreshing cocktail to go with it. For many, an invitation to a summer BBQ can feel like a choice between having fun and staying fit. Grilling season is here, a popular belief that a summer BBQ can be one of the healthiest meals you can make.

A summer BBQ can be delicious without ruining your healthy eating regimen. The thing is, a summer BBQ can be relaxing and super easy to put together if you plan ahead and you keep it simple, call us here: (888) 556-8121! Hosting a summer BBQ can be done in complete style and comfort.

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