A Bamboo Poles and Fences In San Diego!

Bamboo Poles and Fences For Your Outdoor KitchenA natural property of bamboo poles is that they are thicker at the base than at the top. A very popular way to use bamboo poles is to add some in a tall vase. The different types of bamboo poles are suitable for different types of projects. Bamboo poles will emphasize a place of relaxation and peace.

For a genuine tiki hut or tiki bar experience, building with bamboo poles is the way to go. Another great way to use bamboo poles is to use them as curtain rods. Bamboo poles are unique in the sense that though light, they have high strength and durability properties. Bamboo poles will compliment any area of the home.The most attractive about Bamboo poles are their easy renewable properties, broadly classified as solid or hollow and will help you make the right products best suited to your needs.

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Harvesting And Preparing Bamboo For Use

Bamboo plants are lovely to look at in the garden or yard, but they also can be used for many applications beyond decoration. In fact, a simple bamboo plant can provide many uses if harvested correctly. It takes some practice, knowledge and time, but the outcome is worth the effort.

Bamboos for Other Use

Harvesting a bamboo plant for other use takes a little more effort. The uses of bamboo are varied and would be impossible to list as there are so many. Bamboo has been used to make:

  • Musical instruments
  • Toys
  • Fencing
  • Building materials
  • Boats
  • Furniture
  • Mats. Check more here.

If you are in the crafts trade and want to achieve various structural designs or forms with Bamboo poles, green Bamboo poles are recommended because they are easier to shape than the dried forms. Bamboo poles can even be cut to make signs for your business or tiki bar.

5 Exciting Ideas for Your Next Bamboo Project

Bamboo Bows and Arrows.

I’m an outdoors person hands down, and I have crafted a few homemade bows in my time. I have tried a wide variety of approaches from the “$20 poor man’s bow”—constructed from Oak and Poplar—to the more upscale approach utilizing Juniper or White Ash.

I have found, however, that using flat Bamboo (such as our Taiwan Flat Bamboo) can make this fun project just as easy with better reliability and durability. Taiwan Bamboo is just as flexible as the traditional wood choices available, and with the right project choice, you can easily craft yourself a bow that can be used for recreation and/or hunting.

Bamboo Tiki Bars

When someone mentions a Bamboo Tiki Bar, they usually think of a free standing “ice cream cart” style bar—this is NOT what I am getting at. If you going to build a bar why not build big, right? Bamboo fencing can actually be used to build your own customizable bar that will not only separate your bar from the average universal design, but it will also add a very distinctive look to any backyard. You can construct the entire “shed-style” bar from a wide variety of Bamboo fencing and you can top off the job with some palm thatching roof accents for that “homerun” traditional look. See more here.

Bamboo poles can be used for many things – from flutes to flag poles for events, tops of pergolas to give diffused light – internal features and screening, the larger poles can be hollowed out and used as water pipes and gutters.

How To Customize Your Outdoor Areas With Privacy Screens

It’s definitely great to have a patio, a garden or a backyard where you can spend time alone or with friends but regardless of how green the grass is and hoe comfortable the furniture is, one issue remains: there’s not a lot of privacy out here and you can’t help but feel exposed. The solution? Add one or more privacy screens. You can build them yourself.

Simple DIYs

To build a bamboo privacy screen, for example, you need thin wood strips, exterior wood stain, bamboo fencing, small L brackets and cup hooks. Use the wood strips to frame the bamboo. Make sure the wood is stained and dry before you start building the frame. Attach the screens to the porch with brackets and hooks.

Another idea is to use lattice panels to build privacy screens for the deck or patio. Create frames for each one, stain or paint them and glue the panels to the wood frame. Drill holes on the ends of the frames and put eyescrews in them. You can then use chains and S hooks to hang them at the desired height. Read full article here.

Bamboo Poles Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors

Bamboo poles are used for a variety of garden purposes. Bamboo poles are great to use on farms without damaging the environment. With a few simple tools, bamboo poles can be fashioned into fences, frames, arbors, trellises any structure you can imagine. Bamboo poles have a wide range of applications and are extremely flexible and durable.

Bamboo poles are used to make items for the home or commercial use. Bamboo Poles can be used for your special interior decorating projects or outdoors. Our bamboo poles can be used for virtually any application indoor or outdoors call us here: (888) 556-8121. Bamboo poles will allow you to create many different decor items around the home.

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