“Islands in the Sun” BBQ Island Featured
On DIY Network’s Xtra Yardage TV Show

NOTE: This video consists of excerpts from a 30 Minute TV Show edited down to about 8 Minutes. There is enough of the show so you can tell what it’s about as well as clips of Pete De Palma, (Owner of Islands in the Sun), delivering and placing one of his BBQ Islands. Other DIY Network Episodes featuring “Islands in the Sun” will be posted in our blog as time allows.

Featured on DIY Network Show – “Islands in the Sun” has been called on 3 times to provide BBQ Islands and an Outdoor Fireplace for their Xtra Yardage Television Show.

The show is no longer in production so we can’t link directly to this episode, so we decided to take our DVD they sent to is and edit it down a bit.

This video may take a minute to a minute and a half to load depending on your connection speed.

We have included some still images below.